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Potholes invade south Jackson Street

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Some folks who live and work on Kingswood Avenue in south Jackson said potholes have been an issue for more than a decade. They said  although they've complained over and over  the city, Jackson is not doing enough to fix the problem.

“My front end hit a hole so hard," said Mike Adcock. "It felt like the rear end came up and  three or four inches that it made my teeth hurt,”

Adcock works for an industrial equipment company in the area and said his commute is more like a roller coaster ride when he gets to Kingswood Avenue.

“It was like spring and sprung and it was just a weird sound,” added Adcock.

His employer is also fed-up with failing streets.

“We are a business in this area. Technically, we are fixing to try and move because of the roads, but not only the roads but because of the condition of Jackson itself,” said Adcock.

“These potholes are so big you can take a bath in them,” said  Jackson resident Moses Everett.

Neighbors said the pothole problem is nothing new, but it is is getting worse.

“I cracked four rims over here and have several tires in my shed from pothole damage,” added Everett.

“I bust my oil pan coming and I called JPD. I got a report and my insurance going to pay for it,” said a driver.

These folks said they've reached out to the city to do pothole repairs, but they keep getting the run around.

“We can't seem to find out why there is no answer and we can't get these roads fix,” said Adcock.

The frustrated folks now plan to take their fight for a smoother ride to Jackson's elected leaders.

“I was thinking this morning when I am I going to take your behind to city council and speak on it because it is bad,” said Jackson resident Dale knight.

We reached out to city spokeswoman Shelia Byrd Tuesday.  She told me she has notified Public Works about the pothole problem on the street to assess the situation. They will also check the 311 system where citizens are supposed to report road concerns to the city.

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