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Terry High School 'lockdown' was training exercise

Terry High School (Source: terryms.org) Terry High School (Source: terryms.org)
TERRY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A response came Wednesday morning from Terry High School officials saying the school is not and never was on lock down.

The WLBT newsroom received called from some parents saying their students had contacted them and students were not being allowed to leave the buses.

John Neal, Associate Superintendent of Community Relations with Terry High School said, "Terry High School is not on lock down neither did they go on lock down this morning. However, school administrator did complete a safety exercise. It is our hope that these exercises will deter inappropriate behavior and cause minim distractions to the learning environment and the media, while yet necessary".

The statement we received went on to read, "Remember, only through preparedness and prevention, can the safety of all school children and personnel be assured. As we continue to service our students, faculty, and staff we will remain vigilant in make sure that we provide a safe environment that is conducive to learning".

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