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Flash flood preps

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Across central Mississippi, residents are preparing for heavy rains over the next 36 hours. Storms could drop up to 5 inches of rain in some places.
Flash flooding is one of the biggest threats.

Residents on Casa Grande Circle om Jackson found sandbags at their front doors Wednesday; a gift from the county. A resident shared a video from the neighborhood after recent heavy rains flooded the street and got in several homes.   

"We have a creek behind our house the water overflows because the drains, the water flows through the drains to the creek and that's around the whole city." said resident Zaveon Brownlee. "Once the water comes over the creek it starts to flood this area."

Right now Town Creek is empty, but it's just a few yards from the homes effected.  If storms trail over the same area, they can quickly fill the creek, and put homes in danger of flooding.

"It got up high enough it got maybe to our bed railings," added Brownlee. "Some of the other homes around here got worse cause they're a little lower than we are." 

County officials are asking residents to have an emergency plan should flooding effect their home.   

"We can handle the 3-6 inches over the next 36-48 hours," said Ricky Moore. "What we don't want is to get that 3-6 inches or 3-5 inches in a couple hours. We're well aware of flash flooding in Hinds County but we are taking every precaution to make sure we don't have anybody effected."

County officials say clogged storm drains are often a likely cause for flash flooding. City and and county officials say they have been clearing drains in anticipation of several inches of rain, giving all that water somewhere to go. 

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