Wednesday's Child- Tanesha - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child- Tanesha

She has a bubbly personality and enjoys being the life of the party.  This week’s Wednesday’s Child, 16 year old Tanesha needs a family willing to give her special attention. 

Tanesha is trying bowling for the first time.  She was determined to make a strike.  Tanesha is no stranger to challenges but likes to face them head on.

Tanesha said, “it was fun. The part about it I did not get a strike.”

Tanesha says she has other siblings, but does not get to see them as often as she would like.

Tanesha told us, “five brothers, one sister.”

Her social worker says Tanesha has not had the attention or affection she has needed since she was born.  Tanesha is very caring and kind.  Tanesha likes almost every sport.

Tanesha said, “I like singing, I like dancing. I like sports. I like running, but I can’t run because I have asthma. But I do it anyway.”

Tanesha could not wait to tell us what she plans to do in the future.

Tanesha explained, “I want to go to college and become a nurse for delivering babies.”

An adoptive family must be willing to give Tanesha time, understanding and be willing to listen.

Tanesha said, “ I would like for them to be fun and funny. I want my Daddy to be funny. And my Mama I would like my Mama like when we have time to just go out together and just have girl time.”

Tanesha is hoping  she will soon have a forever family.

For more information on adoption call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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