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Pearl Police officer makes a 3-year-old's day

Pearl Police officer makes a 3-year-old's day

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PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A picture posted to Facebook went viral after a mom captured her three year old son and a Pearl Police officer making friends.

Mandy Jordan said, "We were just out here playing and Officer Haywood rode by and Paxton saw his car and got super excited. So, he turned his lights on and made a loop through the neighborhood and he came back by and stopped."

Three-year-old Paxton Jordan's eyes lit up when he saw Pearl Police Officer Jeremy Haywood.

Paxton Jordan said, "He's like a super hero. He is cool."

Mandy Jordan said, "He actually stopped and showed him a few things on the car. He was just ecstatic thinking it was the best day ever."

Officer Haywood said meeting youngsters like Paxton and interacting with them is one of the most rewarding parts of his job.

"It's one of the most important aspects of our jobs because they are the future, our kids are our future. I'm doing it now, but when I can't do it he's the one going to be doing it."

Paxton's mom, Mandy Jordan, snapped a picture of the two and posted it to Facebook. The picture went viral shared nearly two thousand times. As Officer Haywood left that day Paxton screamed out, be safe.

Officer Haywood said, "I was speechless. I was happy I made a difference in his life and her life."

Mandy Jordan added, "If a three year old can see police, law enforcement or just an authority period why can't we have that same respect as adults. I wanted to do that to show we are protected and we do feel safe here in Pearl. We are thankful for those who serve and protect our community and city."

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