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Police warn businesses about shoplifters

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It is silent crime that happens across the nation that hits retailers and you in the pocketbook as well as keep police busy.

 This week at least two women were arrested for shoplifting in Ridgeland and But Police said with   a few steps businesses can stay safe and protect their valuable merchandise.

“It is a sad situation when someone comes in and tries to take what is yours.”

Suzanne Hatch owns a book store in Brandon and admits she has encountered shoplifters.

“The first time it happened I knew something was missing, I knew something was going on. It was a challenge and I wonder do you confront them, “ Hatch said.

A few blocks away at this Shell Gas Station, Kevin Burnside says there have also been folks running off without paying.

“Yes, we have had some drives off of the gas and that is also considered shoplifting, we usually prosecute and take them to court,” said Burnside.

Just this week, wives of two government officials were arrested after police say they were found with more than  2 thousand dollars’ worth of stolen jewelry  from two metro area stores.

“There is no defined age range for someone who is going to shoplift. It can be a young kid to a grandmother,” said Brandon Police Sgt. Joseph French said.

Brandon Police Sgt. Joseph French said this year they have worked 4 shoplifting cases.  His number one tip for preventing shoplifting is invest in surveillance cameras.

“They gather video evidence of the shoplifter and it also prevents people from shoplifting when they walk into your store and have video surveillance watching,” said French.

 Both these businesses agree that extra eye in sky is a help.

“We have more cameras here than the casino we can see everything that is going on,” said Burnside.

If you can't afford cameras, police recommend putting out signs to warn folks trying to get those five finger discounts.

“If you are posting signs saying you would prosecute shoplifters that often detours shoplifters from your business.

Police said business should lock up those expensive items in special place or display case.

“That often helps and that way they are not out on the store racks where it can be taken or stolen. It requires a store associate to handle those items,” said French.

Police also point out that if  you see a shoplifter, please do not take matters into your own hands. Get a description of the suspected shoplifter and call 911.

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