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Walt's Look Around: Tin Lizzie Club Tour

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CLAIBORNE COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

If you were to rank the top 10 inventions that ushered us into the lifestyle we live today, Henry Ford’s Model T would have to be near the top. An affordable automobile for the masses allowed us to move from walking distance to our jobs to driving distance. And driving distance can be as far as you want.

With the car we moved from town to the suburbs and then all the way back to the country, where 90% of America lived a century ago. Only now we can zip back and forth in our automobiles.

So, for an invention that put the zip in living, the Model T seems awfully slow now. Which is just the way the owners of these cars like it.

These are members of the Arkansas Tin Lizzies made up of mostly Model T’s although there is a 1914 Dodge in here somewhere.

David Ragsdale is the President of the club and says the group likes to get together for a good excuse to take to the roads a few times a year.

“Usually every year we have at least three or four tours that we do and we tie it in in conjunction with our meetings," said Ragsdale. "This weekend we are in Natchez and went to Woodville yesterday and we’re out today just doing the roads up toward Port Gibson and around on the Trace. If we didn’t have the old cars and doing the tours we probably wouldn’t see these places.”

Roy and Tommie Jean Mathis from Fort Smith echo that about getting to see things from their Model T that they normally wouldn’t get to go see, or couldn’t see as well from a modern car.

“It’s the slow pace that we go at and see many things we don’t normally see in our other car," said Roy. "And it’s just really nice to get together with all of these nice people.”

“I feel like sometimes I was born in the wrong generation," added Ragsdale. "I just, I love the old cars. And there is a little bit of a challenge to it. I think the challenge is another thing that brings people out. Just taking things in the slow lane.”

And when you’re riding around in cars that old, by default you get to see life from the slow lane.

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