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Same sex adoption now legal in Mississippi

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Mississippi is the last state to make same-sex adoption legal. A federal judge struck down the state's ban Thursday evening.

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes a baby in a baby carriage. That last line wasn't realistic for couples like Brittany Rowell and Jessica Harbuck, until Thursday.

"We're just really excited and I can kind of let out a sigh relief," said Brittany Rowell Harbuck.

They were one of four same-sex couples who sued the state for adoption rights. The federal judge's ruling struck down Mississippi's same-sex adoption ban, making the practice legal nationwide.

"I hope it's over," noted Jessica Harbuck. "I hope that's it. There's always going to be things to fight for but this was a really important step."

Brittany and Jessica got married in January. They'd always envisioned being parents. But legally only one of them would have had that chance prior to Thursday's ruling.

"Even more excited for the children to Mississippi that have been waiting and hoping for homes because now there's going to be just a plethora of opportunities and families there before that are going to be excited to take these kids in," said Brittany Rowell Harbuck.

The two describe it as a positive bookend to an otherwise stressful week watching the controversial Religious Accommodations Act make its way through the legislature.

"It was almost like divine intervention," added Brittany Rowell Harbuck. "Like just a little push we needed to rally the troops and kind of brush off our wounds and stand up and keep going forward."

We requested a statement from the Department of Human Services about what, if anything, they're doing to adjust adoption services following yesterday's court ruling. We have not received a response yet.

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