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Jackson residents able to purchase vacant lots

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Residents in the City of Jackson have the opportunity to purchase vacant lots adjacent to their home. Many people came together Saturday at MetroCetner Mall to receive educational tools from the City of Jackson regarding the Neighbors First Program in the fight against dilapidated and vacant properties.

Nancy Moses-Odell said, "I think it would be a vital part for the City of Jackson because we need some help in a lot of areas, but this is the start. You always have to have a beginning in everything you do."

The City of Jackson hoping to eliminate dilapidated, rundown properties with the help of residents. The Neighbors First Program was appealing to many including Jackson resident Nancy Moses-Odell who said it could help renew the city's appearance."

Moses-Odell said, "Three houses right up the street from me for ten years have been vacant. People just standing around them and they are vacant and nothing is happening to them. I just decided to come out and hear the program and see what I could do to help the neighborhood become better."

Marshand Crisler said, "Learn about the surplus properties the city owns. If it's any area that's adjacent to the homes within the community it's an opportunity for the neighbor to get the property next door. Take abandoned properties that is in dilapidated condition or overgrown and take control of them."

This workshop was about education and eligibility of purchase for properties. Residents are able to get the information simply through the interactive city website.

Crisler said, 'It really varies whether there is a vacant lot versus a lot with a parcel on it. It can range anywhere from 10 to 50 dollars or 150 dollars."

Chief Deputy Administrative Officer Marshand Crisler said the average vacant lot will cost about 10 dollars. That money will go to the city after an agreement with the buyer is signed agreeing to upkeep the property.

Moses-Odell added, "I think it would be a vital help to the neighborhood and help enhance the neighborhood."

If you are interested in attending the next meeting it will be held at the JPD Training Academy April 16 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on St. Charles St.

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