Man charged with animal cruelty breeds dogs - - Jackson, MS

Man charged with animal cruelty breeds dogs

Source: Flowood PD Source: Flowood PD
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Source: Blue Iron Kennels website Source: Blue Iron Kennels website
Blue Iron Kennels website Blue Iron Kennels website
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
FLOWOOD, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

An investigation is underway after domesticated cats were believed to have been poisoned to death in Flowood by John Colter Pyron. Three on your side uncovered the man charged with the felony animal cruelty crime owns and operates a kennel selling Pit bulls.

"People who will perpetuate these kinds of crimes, they are not good citizens and they are someone to be watchful for in your community," said Debra Boswell.

Twenty-eight year-old John Colter Pyron posted a 20 thousand dollar bond after being arrested in Flowood for animal cruelty. We've learned that Pyron owns and operates Blue Iron Kennels. According to the website, Pyron breeds the most athletic Pit bulls for purchase.

Just because someone is dealing with animals on a personal level, such as raising animals, doesn't mean they are in it because they care about animals," added Boswell. "It's about the green. It's all about money for a lot of those people. I find it hard to understand after all of these years how you can work with animals, raise animals, have animals and yet not care enough about them to treat them kindly."

Investigators believe Pyron played a role in poisoning domestic cats leading to their death at a Flowood apartment complex. Boswell, who is the Executive Director of the Mississippi Animal Rescue League, said the allegations are disturbing, but she's happy to see our state enforcing animal cruelty laws.

"It's frustrating," said Boswell. "When they get arrested I am elated because when I started in this business so many years ago it was rare people were arrested for animal cruelty."

Flowood Police said at least four domestic cats and several wildlife were poisoned. If convicted he faces 3 years behind bars and a 500 dollar fine.

Flowood Police also revealed the if laboratory results determine the substance used was a pesticide, Pyron could face 20 years in prison and 25 thousand dollars in fines.

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