VIDEO: Woman meets biological mother for first time on Facebook - - Jackson, MS

VIDEO: Woman meets biological mother for first time on Facebook Live

Source: Jamey Jenkins Source: Jamey Jenkins
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Mississippi woman is getting a lot of attention on social media after she used Facebook Live to share her experience of meeting her biological mother for the first time.

Brittany Brown, who currently lives in Greenville, and her biological mother had been a part since her birth.

She began the search for her birth mom a couple of years ago when she started looking for her adoption records. Brown says it took over a year to get that information.

"When I received the records everything was blacked out and I couldn't see anything. I kinda gave up at that point," Brown says.

She says she even reached out to an adoption lawyer, but couldn't get the answers she was looking for.

At that point, her boss looked over the paper work and began to look for clues. 

"The biggest clue was on the part of my birth certificate where my mom signed," she says. "She saw [an] L and the last name Washington. That's when she started searching."

Brown says her boss found a lady named Leshundra Washington.

"I was like she kinda looks like me but that's not my mother because her information, to my knowledge, didn't match based off of where I was born and where she was living. So I just went on."

That was, until last Thursday. That's when Brown's boss messaged Washington on Facebook. 

Her boss also found out he had a mutual friend that knew a classmate of the woman. That classmate was able to confirm that the woman had a child that she had been searching for over the years.

"In a matter of 2 hours, I was headed from the Mississippi Delta to meet my mother," Brown says.

She says her birth mother had no idea. She was under the impression that she had been chosen to do a free photo shoot.

She did get a free photo shoot - because one of the people who helped reunite the mother and daughter is photographer Jamey Jenkins, of Big Pretty Pictures, who was there to capture the heart warming moment.

Brown also included her social media friends, as well, when she broadcasted the reunion live on Facebook. 

As she was waiting to meet her mother for the first time, she told social media how nervous she was.

"Well I was scared and didn't really know what to expect, because I have heard so many stories of being reunited and then it goes sour."

After minutes that seemed like hours had passed by, both mother and daughter joined each other in the same room and found themselves overcome with tears of joy.

“That’s my baby, that’s my baby,” Brown’s mother cried out.

Brown says her anxieties immediately went away, knowing that her birth mom wanted to know her too.

"In this case my mom had been looking for me, and to know that, even after 24 years, I was still wanted and they desired to have me with their family," Brown says.

Brown’s birth given name, according to her Facebook page, is Jazmen.

Her mother asked her what her name was now and Brown replied, “Brittany.”

“That’s a long way from Jazmen,” she laughed.

Brown even got to meet her siblings for the first time, too.  

"I am just excited to be with my family," she says. "I am beyond excited to have siblings. It's wonderful to have some people who have longed to have you there as much as you desired to want to know who they were."

So far, the video has received over 21K views. 

We will have much more on this touching story, including an interview with Brittany, on our 10 pm newscast. 

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