Sentencing delayed for former MDOC Commissioner Chris Epps - - Jackson, MS

Sentencing delayed for former MDOC Commissioner Chris Epps

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Former corrections commissioner Chris Epps was scheduled to be sentenced Monday. But sentencing was,yet again, delayed. This time it was by prosecutors.

Epps pleaded guilty, more than an year ago, in February of 2015. He admits to taking more than 1.4 million dollars in bribes. Now, he's facing up to 23 years in prison.

But there's a hold-up. Prosecutors are upping the amount of contracts they believe are connected to the Chris Epps case. 

300 million dollars in contracts was originally quoted. Now, it's gone up to 800 million. Epps didn't have any comments for reporters as he left the federal courthouse Monday.

The government plans to subpoena the additional contracts that are tied into the case. So, they weren't ready to go forward with Epps' sentencing today.

"You heard our arguments in court," said Epps' attorney John Colette. "And that's really all we have. We can't comment on it at this point."

Another major reveal of the day came not from Epps legal team but his co-defendant Cecil McCrory's attorney.

"He's going to file a motion with the court to withdraw his guilty plea," said McCrory's attorney Carlos Tanner. "Obviously, the court doesn't have to grant it but the standard is liberal and they grant these generally if you can provide a fair and just reason and we think we have just that."

Even if the court doesn't grant the motion, McCory's attorney says he too will need time to look at the new contract details.

"If they were so confident now that it's 800 million, why would they represent that it was 300 million in the first place? This is a number that they represented in court that these folks should be held accountable for."

A hearing on those details is set for June 9. Epps sentencing was pushed back to July 18.

Epps' attorney mentioned that he still wants the court to consider a plea bargain come July. Epps has given up other names and information since his indictment.

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