Belhaven flooding issues - - Jackson, MS

Belhaven flooding issues

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Across the metro, widespread flooding was reported Monday after heavy rains trailed across the area. Some of that rain turned into flooding.

One location was the Belhaven creek in the Belhaven neighborhood, which looks more like a raging river. Residents say they've been fighting with the city to fix it for years.

"We just have to find a solution to it," said resident Randolph Vessell. "it's a city of Jackson asset and I know they are aware of it, and there are plans to do it but we need the funding to have this happen."

Vessell had to build a brick wall and sandbag his garage door to prevent his basement from flooding. He says two inches of rain sends water downstream, into a creek that can't handle the volume, flooding his neighborhood.

"No restriction on development; we can't take the water," said David Lee Odom, Vessell's next door neighbor. "These houses are flooding, water is going in them, so last night our house was totally surrounded."

Another drainage issue in Belhaven is clogged or collapsed drains like the one on Jefferson street, which also flooded nearby homes.
Residents here are hoping for dry weather, and quick action from the city.

"Houses are going to flood over and over to a point where they can't resell their home," added Vessell. "They're stuck there. Some houses could be condemned if something isn't done in the future."

Inquiries to the city about the flooding problem were not returned at the time this story was posted.

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