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Jackson Prep roof caves in under heavy rain

Source: Jackson Prep Sentry Source: Jackson Prep Sentry
FLOWOOD, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

If you thought you had it rough during Monday's storms and heavy rain, you need to see what happened at Jackson Prep in Flowood.

Head of School Jason Walton and Chief Diversity Officer Adam Mangana knew they had their work cut out for them Monday night as they tried to wet vac the floors in the foyer of Jackson Prep during the heavy rains.

"We were just trying to get the water off the floor and heard a little pop and you'll see that the acoustical ceiling comes down just a little bit," said Walton. "The acoustical ceiling is actually attached to the real ceiling and so when that gave way, we were just very lucky to be able to drop everything and make a break for it."

They got away not a moment too soon.

"So it actually broke one of the gym doors in half and threw that gym door to half court," said Mangana.

"It could've been worse, but we're very lucky that it happened after hours," added Walton. "We're very lucky that most of our students weren't here. We're very fortunate that we had the presence of mind to get our students away from the area; those who were left on campus." 

Classes were not canceled Tuesday, but the impacted area was roped off. In fact, everyone has been taking it in stride...

"It was almost like a tsunami and so all throughout the day, students have been talking about the prep-nami of 2016," added Mangana.

Even using the incident as a learning tool.

"Our engineering students were interested in the velocity of the water that came out and so looking at the area of the gym floor and the amount of water that was standing, they've made some calculations on just how many gallons of water and what kind of force that was," said Walton.

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