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Jackson Prep repairs underway

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Recovery efforts were underway at Jackson Prep Thursday after surveillance video of water crashing through the gymnasium roof went viral. We found out how many gallons of water actually fell in the gym.

"It's kind of like myth busters comes to your campus," said Dr. Jason Walton, head of the school.

Engineering students at Jackson Preparatory School calculated exactly how much water came crashing through the roof in the gymnasium lobby.

"They calculate the gym floor is 10,000 feet and had three inches of water," said Dr. Walton. "They estimate that to be around 18,700 gallons of water. The weight of that water would have been 155,000 pounds."

Dr. Walton said students took their calculations to the next level finding out the actual force behind the door causing it to break as seen in the surveillance video.

"These prep students, they are smart. They can burn things with their minds," added Dr. Walton.

Contractors and insurance adjusters were making final decisions on how to repair the roof and water damage. It all started from a small leak before the rain. The video has now gone viral drawing national attention.

"People thought maybe we were laying it on a little thick, but now that the video has come forward you can see it really was remarkable and people think it's amazing," said Dr. Walton. "We did a Skype interview with The Weather Channel, just took a call from Daily Mail of the U.K. and we were a part of Al Roker's weather forecast on the Today Show."

The damage was caused to an older building on campus that dates back to the 1970's.

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