Democrats hold public hearing on school funding concerns - - Jackson, MS

Democrats hold public hearing on school funding concerns

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Money for your child's school and how it fits into a tight budgeting year; as the legislative session winds down, Democrats worry the current public school funding formula will get changed behind closed doors.

"When you have legislation that's as open as this is, anything could happen," noted Representative Sonya Williams Barnes-D.

"If any changes are to be made, they should've been made via the committee process this legislative session at full disclosure to our legislature, our public, schools and educators," added Kelly Riley, Mississippi Professional Educators Executive Director.

There's nothing written in stone for public education funding this session. But the Democrats at Thursday's hearing thought it deserved more discussion.

"Your voices need to be heard," said Representative Robert Johnson-D.

Charter schools are the other point of concern for the group. Republican leadership has said it's a matter of school choice and allowing the parents and students to choose which school is the best fit for them. The bill the Governor signed Thursday will allow students in C, D and F districts to cross district lines to attend a charter school. But what about the money trail?

"The local tax money is one of the big things," explained Frank Yates, Mississippi Association of Educators Executive Director. "Normally if a student leaves one district goes to another, and then we got money follows. But not the local tax money."

They argue that money will follow the student to whatever charter school they may choose. This year's session ends April 24. 

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