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Walmart coming to Yazoo City

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YAZOO CITY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A well-known big box retailer has picked Yazoo City to set up shop. For nearly "two decades" there have been whispers around Yazoo City about a Walmart possibly coming to town. Now city officials say it is a "reality," but while some see it as an economic boost for the area. Others think it may disrupt small businesses already serving the community.

“It has been quite some time since we had a major retailer in our town," said Mayor Diane Delaware. "It has also been quite a while coming,” 

Mayor Delaware said the wait for a big box retailer is finally over. Walmart has picked Yazoo City to expand its chain and the store is going up on Grand Avenue near the Hampton Inn.

“It's 122,000 ft., so it's a full service Walmart with a vision center, organic vegetables and all of the items one with would need to run them home, lawn and garden as well as an eight bay service station,” said Mayor Delaware.

Walmart shoppers are hoping the new store going up in the community could cut down on their travel time.

“I have known people make a list and drive 45 minutes or an hour to go to Walmart, so we want to keep her dollars here and that will help us out,” said Yazoo County Supervisor Jayne Dew.

Along with more tax revenue for the city,  Walmart is expected  to employ around 250 people.

“I have been here in the military for over 39 years and I have not had a good job here, so there needs to be some jobs here,”  said Yazoo city resident James Harris.

There are still some folks  worried about the impact the new Neighbor will have on Yazoo City. They said the national chain could drive local competition away.

“Walmart is going to be a whole lot cheaper. You can go in and buy your clothes, buy your shoes and buy all your grocery and everything,” said a Yazoo City Resident.

“It is going to help and it is going to hurt us a little bit to start with and then everything will settle back down and we will do our normal business and might do more,” said business owner James Chisolm.

The new Walmart in Yazoo City is expected to open in 2017. 

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