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Police investigate case of cat beaten to death at animal shelter

BROOKHAVEN, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Caretakers at the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League say on Friday, a man beat a three-year-old cat at the shelter so severely, it died a short time later.

"It's quite bizarre and tragic," volunteer Rusty Adcock said. "He came in as a visitor, and unbeknownst to us, had different intentions."

 In his 12 years as a volunteer at BARL, Adcock said he never saw anything like what happened Friday.

Around noon, volunteers said the man pulled up to the facility and went into the shelter's cat colony room. The man left minutes after he arrived.

When caregivers returned to the room, they saw blood spatters inside and a plastic stick in pieces.

They also noticed three-year-old Tilly acting unusual. When they lifted her up, they saw blood underneath the cat and rushed her to the vet.She died shortly afterward.

When asked if the cat prompted the attack, Adcock said Tilly wouldn't have done that. He said the cat was friendly, yet skittish. 

"It had nothing about it that would be harmful or anything," said Adcock.

Now Brookhaven police are investigating the case. Adcock said investigators have already obtained surveillance video from the building.

"I did get to see it, and it should give a good lead for officials," said Adcock.

Volunteers did not have a description of the man, but said he drove a black four-door truck pulling a black and silver boat. The man may also have defensive wounds on his hands and face from the attack.

State law says the incident would be considered aggravated cruelty to a cat, which on first offense is a misdemeanor in Mississippi. The person responsible would face up to a $2,500 fine, up to six months in jail or both.

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