Concrete delivery professionals tested on precise driving skills - - Jackson, MS

Concrete delivery professionals tested on precise driving skills

RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Safety on Mississippi roads is priority to delivery professionals carrying thousands of pounds of concrete every day across our state.

Saturday delivery professionals put their skills to the test during the 3rd annual Delta Industries Delivery Professionals Rodeo.
Delivery Professional John Newell said, "A lot of people are keeping their cell phones on and not paying attention. We are in big trucks so we actually are more defensive drivers than the average drivers."

Drivers can carry up to 36,000 pounds of concrete in one truck. From two lane roads to multi-lane interstates Delivery Professional John Newell said it's critical to practice safe driving.

Newell said, "We try to stay at least five miles per hour under the speed limit. When we come to a curve we always slow down for curves because our trucks have a high center of gravity and with a high center of gravity it has more of a chance to tip over."

More than 20 delivery professionals took part in testing their driving skills through a mapped out course. Delta Industries President Dave Robison said this is a time to not only highlight technical parts of the job, but show the talent behind the wheel.

Delta Industries President Dave Robison said, "These are not things they see on a daily basis. They don't normally drive through tennis balls, stop on a line or a bullseye, or anything like that. This is an effort to test their driving skills. This would be more commonly seen on a job site."

Delivery professionals compete against one another hoping to take home a win and show their precision.

Robison said, "Not only are they professionals in highway driving, but off road driving this piece of equipment and they also have to know their product. Concrete as simple as it might seem to most people is a pretty complicated product.

Newell added, "This is my first time and I just love the experience."

The delivery professional rodeo was held on the Holmes Community College campus in Ridgeland.

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