School bus fight leaves one student hospitalized, the other in c - - Jackson, MS

School bus fight leaves one student hospitalized, the other in custody

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A fight aboard a JPS School bus ends with one student hospitalized and another in custody. 

The injured student told said the altercation happened after repeated bullying at the hands of an upper class man.

Sophomore Shaniyahl Arterberry is recovering from a brutal beating aboard a JPS bus after classes at Lanier High School Thursday that left her with a fractured skull and eye.

She said she is the victim of a bully, a junior who has targeted her before.

 "Then he said 'I'm about to torture this "b". I'm about to torture this "b"' and then he came up there, sat on  my seat and constantly pushed my leg off the seat. Then he said 'Now give that phone' and then I said I told him I wasn't going to give him my phone," said Arterberry.
"Then he snatched it out of may hand and then we were tussling so I could get it back. Then after that he hit me and I didn't get it back".

The 15-year-old was transported to UMMC. Her vision has returned but she will have to undergo surgery on her right eye.

Her grandmother is upset that the bus driver nor school officials called police or an ambulance.

"When I got there she was laying in a chair bloody and I'm looking and I said 'Did yall call the ambulance'. They didn't call yet. They were waiting until I get there," said Alvergia Gary who was called on her job to the school by a frantic classmate.

JPS released a statement that said in part: "The District does not tolerate violent behavior and is committed to the safety and education of all its students. The students involved will be subject to disciplinary actions as outlined by the JPS Code of Conduct."

Shaniyahl can return to school in about two weeks, but she is apprehensive and so is her grandmother.

"I want to go back to school but at the same time I don't want to go back because that's why I didn't want to go back to that school at the beginning of the year because how the children act up at the school," said the still ailing 10th grader.

"I don't want to send her back up there. That school is out of control. To me the students they are horrible," said her frustrated grandmother.

Gary pressed charges against the 11th grader.

We are told that male student was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.


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