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Dream Home winners get first tour of new house after drawing

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FLOWOOD, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Keys to the St. Jude Dream home are now in the hands of the winner. A Florence couple won the custom build which is 24 miles for their home.

The Scarbrough could soon have a new address in the exclusive Indian Creek Subdivision in Flowood.

"This is the first year we haven't actually seen it ahead of time. We didn't jinx it," said Beth Scarbrough standing at the walkway of  121 Indian Creek Boulevard.

Sid and Beth Scarbrough visited their new St. Jude Dream Home two hours after his name was drawn.

The faithful ticket purchasers were attending a birthday party when they got the news.

"Everybody's texting me saying that I won congratulations and then we went inside to try to see it on TV and I guess it was already over, and I just got a bunch more phone calls and text messages and realized that we did win it," said Sid Scarbrough.

"Sid's phone was blowing up with text messages, congratulations, holy moly, you're the winner. We didn't know what it meant", added his 45 year old wife." Well I kept looking and I saw my brother-in-law, and I said I think I might have won a house".

The Scarbroughs, who own an assisted living facility, toured the nearly half million dollar house with their three children.

"We haven't had time to talk to sit down to decide. The house we've been in, we've been there 20 years. he's from Florence, born and raised so I don't know what we'll do," added Beth.

It's all quite tempting, moving into an estimated 3,300 square foot house, with four bedrooms, three and a half baths and courtyard.

The lavish structure is the brainchild of designer Brian Burkley, who was shocked when the name was drawn.

"When Larry pulled the name, I looked over his shoulder and I was like 'Sid scarbrough. I know him'. So it was just, it was wild to know somebody", said Burkley. "This is the first time in seven years that we actually knew who won the house that's special too".

"I usually just buy one every year because I said if didn't win it's going for a good cause. So I really didn't put much thought into it," said the excited 44 year old father and new homeowner.

"Thank you for making this a reality, not just to our family but to everyone and especially all that money that goes back to St. Jude," said a grateful Beth.

The couple has supported St. Jude Children's Hospital through organizing fund raisers for the medical facility for 12 years.

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