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EXCLUSIVE: Victim's family responds to accused killer: "You don't have a soul"

James Hankins (Source: Family) James Hankins (Source: Family)
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The family of a South Jackson homicide victim has choice words to say about the man police say is now charged in the case.

"To me, a person like you does not have a heart. You don't have a soul," said Devonda Walley.

Her words for the accused killer of her father, 85-year-old James Hankins, remain raw with anger and sadness.

Even though police said 19-year-old Joshua Dukes shot and killed Hankins two months ago, for her, it might as well have happened yesterday.

"You're an evil, evil person, and I hope you never walk the streets again," Devonda Walley said.

Dukes now faces three charges of capital murder: one for Hankins and two for the robbery and shooting of two men -- 27-year-old Daniel Gomez and 22-year-old Eli Nunez Sanchez -- on Westhaven Drive last month.

"I just don't understand. Did the man get pleasure out of killing someone? If robbery was the motive, he had the money. He had the man's wallet. Just take the wallet and go. There's no need in taking the man's life," said the victim's son-in-law, Henry Walley.

Now as the case moves through the Hinds County justice system, the Walleys intend to watch the process very closely.

They also plan to be at Dukes' trial, depending on how he pleads.

"We just hope that our district attorney and whichever judge is assigned the case has the grit and the fortitude to see that he's punished to the fullest extent of the law, whatever the law will allow," Henry Walley said.

The family said Dukes has not yet gone before the judge for a preliminary hearing.

On Friday, the case was transferred to Hinds County Justice Court.

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