Street Crimes Unit reactivated to fight Jackson violence - - Jackson, MS

Street Crimes Unit reactivated to fight Jackson violence

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Fed up with escalating violence in the Capital City, the Hinds County sheriff has assembled a group to target high profile crimes.

Sheriff Victor Mason has reactivated what he called a highly successful unit that previously maintained lower crime levels.

Members of the team say they volunteered because they too are tired of Jackson's crime problems.

"We're not gonna play with them. We're ready to stop crime in this town," said Sheriff Mason at the introduction of the new Street Crimes Unit Monday.

Investigator Felix McClinton and Lt. Dustin Bailey are members of the unit. It is a specialized team reestablished to tackle crime specifically in Jackson. Sheriff Mason reassembled the unit in answer to the rising number of shootings, homicides and violent crimes.

"Until you make an example of people, they're gonna continue to do it," said Lt. Darron Terry.

The sheriff reached out to Terry, a 15 year member of the department, to help get the team together and hit the high crime hotspots.

"We're back because the citizens of Jackson need to be safe. They need to be able to come out of their homes, not worry about their children," said Terry. "The sheriff is committed to doing his part and that's what we're here for".    

The team, comprised of full time and part time members from narcotics and homicide investigators and more, is already using information from the community in investigations.

"Too many shootings, too many robberies, too many carjackings; so it's just so much going on and it come to a point where you just get tired of it," added Mason. "You just get tired of it and Jackson is always negative this and negative this. Well let's turn it around".    

The Street Crimes Unit is gearing up to begin those  operations throughout the Capital City, investigations that will target establishments selling drugs and contributing to the escalation of youth violence. 

According to the Sheriff, escalating crime and flight from the city can be reversed with concentrated efforts and the public continuing to provide information about crimes that are occurring in their neighborhoods.

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