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Eyesore property eyed for improvements

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Locals can't remember exactly how many years the property at Monument and Capitol street has sat boarded up.

The old aging structure's lawn has been kept up, but the building is weathered and old, with boards missing from the top floor windows, that look like they fell off long ago.

This week, Jackson city Councilman Kenneth Stokes says he found out the city of Jackson actually owns this vacant building. Stokes says years ago it was leased to the Little Red Schoolhouse, an organization he doesn't believe even exists any more.  

Because of the condition of the building, Stokes says they never lived up to their end of the bargain, and wants a new tenant to move in.

Pastor Danny Hollins of nearby Grace Inspirations church says he could find a use for it.

"We want to grow and better the community so we noticed this property is there, it's laying dormant and kind of an eyesore, blight," said Pastor Hollins. "We are a community minded church, we wanted to look into who owned the property. Why have the property laying dormant looking bad, when you could utilize it for something positive."

Pastor Hollins says he hopes to refurbish the building, and use it for educational and recreational purposes.  In it's dormant state, he says it can attract crime and other problems, bringing down property values along with it.

Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes said, "We need to find a way in a court of law and get that removed so we can do something positive with it," said Ward Three Councilman Kenneth Stokes. "It's destroying that whole area over there.  When you look at the abandoned buildings, it's a complete block from Rose and Capitol, it leads to downtown."

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