Sinkhole closes south Jackson street - - Jackson, MS

Sinkhole closes south Jackson street

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

For weeks now, Andre Magana has been a good Samaritan, putting tires and scrap metal around a giant sinkhole on La Salle street. It grew from a pothole to a crater in just a few hours Wednesday.

"This hole is dangerous for everyone," said Magana. "It's a danger nobody knows, somebody don't pay attention they could run in it, drown in it."

This week, the hole caught the attention of a passing police officer, who parked his cruiser in the middle of the street, until something could be done about the road hazard.

"It's dark, you won't see, you come around that curve you can't see, run right into it," added Magana. "It takes up more than half of the road already."

Residents on the street are concerned if it's not fixed, someone could get hurt.

"They can die, they can get hurt, seriously injured," said Martha Bell, who lives nearby.

Wednesday afternoon, the city placed barricades around the hole, blocking the street. Residents are now concerned it may just stay that way.They're now asking the city for immediate attention.

"Fix it, work on the community Mayor, work in south Jackson, forget about north Jackson," added Bell. "I know people with money live other there but we need your help too."

No word yet from the city on how long repairs of the street will take.

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