Hot weather, long waiting led to dehydration at JSU graduation - - Jackson, MS

Hot weather, long waiting led to dehydration at JSU graduation

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Officials say this weekend's graduation ceremony at Jackson State, featuring First Lady Michelle Obama, went off without a hitch, with no major problems reported.

Paramedics were kept steadily busy the whole time because of the heat.

Jim Pollard with AMR says they had several dozen people treated at the stadium for dehydration, and ended up transporting 14 during the course of the day.

He says it was a perfect storm of sorts, considering how most got there early and waited in the hot sun to hear First Lady Michelle Obama speak.

"Some folks who got there early were sitting out there in the sun and the wind for the equivalent of two football games or longer. That'll wear anybody out," Pollard said. "Also, a lot of folks seemed to have their Sunday go-to-meeting best attire, a lot of that being dark clothing, and of course, that traps the heat in closer to your body, and that's gonna contribute to dehydration as well."

Pollard says the road closures did not cause significant delays when it came to getting people who need treatment to area hospitals.

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