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SPECIAL REPORT: Find my safe spot

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Does everyone in your family know the safest place in your home?

Tornadoes can strike with little warning, which means wherever you are, you need to have a plan and one that you can act on quick.

Some of the most dangerous places to be in a tornado include outside, in a car or in a mobile home. There is no one practical way to always stay safe.  

It would be great if everyone had a basement, but this is Mississippi.  

When the weather threatens, make sure you know your surroundings and plan to act fast.

Most tornado injuries and deaths are caused from flying debris. It’s real important to get away from potentially flying objects.  

Stay away from windows, go to the center most room on the lowest floor and wait it out.  

Florence resident Mike Jackson doesn’t have a basement, but he has a plan.

However it, doesn’t stop there. Crouching down in a bathtub may help, but it’s real important to protect your head.  

Use a towel, comforter and you can even go to the extent of putting on a football helmet just to shield yourself.

As a little side note, it wouldn't hurt to stash a few snacks and even a first aid kit wherever you choose to hide in advance.  

And before the storm strikes, charge up your cellphone, so you can call for help and stay in touch. You can also stay up to date on the latest warnings, by downloading our FREE First Alert Weather APP .

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