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SPECIAL REPORT: Save money online by coupon stacking

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's a baby present bonanza at "soon to be" Aunt Samantha Kruskol's house.

And the only thing she liked more than buying all the gifts online, is the money she saved. 

“It’s very good savings if you stack your coupons right.”  

Stack your coupons? Online? Yup.

Entering one coupon code got Samantha 30% off. Typing in another code let her cash in on her Kohl's cash reward dollars.

She added a free shipping offer and VOILA: $203 saved. 

And that's not all.

“When I’ve stacked coupons just in the year 2016 I’ve saved around 1000 which is pretty substantial.” 

Experts say coupon stacking isn’t just for in-store savings anymore.

“This used to be fairly common with clipped coupons and circulars at the grocery store," said Liz Crawford, a shopping marketing expert. "But now coupon code stacking is available online with many clothing manufacturers and general merchandise retailers.”

Kohl’s lets you add four promo codes to an online order, and two if you’re ordering from a mobile device.

Gap and Banana Republic have certain restrictions but their websites say: “You may be able to apply more than one promotion code to a single order.”

So why are some online retailers now allowing you to layer in discounts?

“Consumers are beginning to demand it and retailers need to stay competitive," said Crawford.

But a word of caution, Liz warns: Don’t let all the tantalizing online discount offers bust your bank account.

“Be careful. Those extra items you want in your basket are ones you really want.”

Samantha admits redeeming discounts is tempting, but she budgets enough money so she can spoil her new nephew. 

“It’s awesome because I can give all the coolest gifts!” 

Sometimes it’s tough to figure out what an online retailer’s policy is on stacking coupons.

You may have to use the store’s online chat function to ask—or   call customer service. 

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