Making A Difference: Keep the Rez Beautiful Spillway Cleanup - - Jackson, MS

Making A Difference: Keep the Rez Beautiful Spillway Cleanup

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ROSS BARNETT RESERVOIR, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Angie Webb, who runs the kayak rentals at the spillway at the Barnett reservoir told us as she pointed to the river,  “We’ve got people out today, volunteers out kayaking, cleaning up all of the little sloughs and areas we couldn’t get to by foot.” And when its cleanup day, she gladly lets the Keep the Rez Beautiful volunteers use her kayaks to help out.

But you certainly don’t have to go out of your way to find trash. You can literally trip over it some weekends getting to your fishing spot on the rocks. Not only does it not look good, it is harmful to the environment. And not just at the spillway, but ALL the way down the Pearl.

Jeff Roberts, on the Board of Directors of Keep the Reservoir Beautiful, says what goes in here can go a long way sometimes.

“I mean, this water that flows out of Ross Barnett goes all the way to the Gulf of Mexico," said Roberts. "So we’re actually putting litter in the Gulf of Mexico. Also too, the fishing line, ducks can get hung up in it, catfish. You can harm other animals that are using the water.”

One mom pointed out a huge piece of debris at the end of a pile of full trash bags,

“These little girls found a big old giant tire and brought it in,” she said.

A big part of the main force of cleaner-uppers last weekend were Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Parents came along as assistants.

“The Scouts have loved it. We’ve had a few scouts come out. They’ve picked up trash along the beach and they’ve picked it up from the kayaks," said Steve Walton, who is with the Scouts. "They took off in the kayaks and went and found trash along the shore and in the water and are filling up bags.”

Keep the Rez Beautiful took a survey of fisher-people and others out last weekend for their ideas on what to do to make it easier to keep the area litter-free. If you took the survey you got a hotdog. And the Keep the Rez folks will like take the ideas seriously, like this one suggested a while back, to have bags and such for folks to remember to stash their trash as they fish or whatever.

It is a beautiful area, especially if you don’t have to worry about stepping on a fishhook as you walk, or having to photo-shop out trash from your pictures after you snap them.

Thanks to the Keep the Rez Beautiful volunteers for Making A Difference.

If you know of someone who is making a difference I’d like to know about it: email me at

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