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100 plus years of live celebrated and remembered

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A birthday celebration was held Friday for two Brookhaven residents.

One celebrating 100 years and the other celebrating 106 years. The crowd chanted, "Happy Birthday to you!"

Lea Barrett said, "It's the cover page of the Washington Post on every birthday for Daddy since 1916."

The roaring twenties was brought to life, celebrating MR. Richard Thomas Huxtable, Jr.'s 100th birthday and Ms. Alean Fairman's 106th birthday. When the two were born the average American made about $400 per year.

Barrett said, "It was very interesting for them to talk about 1910 when Ms. Alean was born. I think we all put things in a money reference, so the way prices have changed was very interesting."

Pamela McGee said, "It was a big deal when she turned 100, so for her to be 106 is a real big deal."

Ms. Fairman wasn't able to make the celebration because she was in a local hospital, but her granddaughter Pamela McGee said she was a loving mother of four.

McGee said, "She has a very outgoing personality, she has a bubbly spirit, she loves to talk to people, joke around and jive."

Brookhaven Mayor Joe Cox presented the two keys to the city. They also received well wishes from President Obama and the First Lady.

Leslie Smith said, "This is a big deal for them to turn 100 and 106. So, we thought it would be nice for everyone to come and celebrate this day with us."

The birthday celebration was held at the Silver Cross Health and Rehab Center in Brookhaven.

Sadly, after the celebration we found out that 106-year-old Ms. Alean Fairman passed away Friday afternoon.

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