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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods-Nightmare on Northview

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

3 On Your Side went back to Catalina Circle in south Jackson to see if there has been any relief from the eyesores that are 145 and 153.

What we found were taller weeds and an old mattress and head board dumped on one of the properties.

But Community Improvement officials tell me contractors have been assigned to demolish both properties, the most recent activity being on 153 Catalina Circle. 

They tell me the next steps are to notify MDEQ and receive a start date. We'll keep you posted, but check out what we found in west Jackson.

It was built back in the early 1960's and folks who live around here say Parktowne Apartments on Northview Drive used to be a nice place to live....as you can see....not anymore.

Denise Anderson said, "And it's been really rough around here; all this stuff, trashed been dumped, people going in with trucks, going down dumping this stuff, coming back out and its getting worser and worser."

She lives across the street and its a constant source of frustration for her.

Denise Anderson continues, "cuz I be trying to keep my yard straight and it make this property value going down."

Businessman Timothy Love has a barbershop next to this mess and he says many of his customers are children.

Timothy Love said "We have a lot of what we call night walkers, street walkers and apparently they probably coming from this area cuz every time I see them, they walking down this way. They come bothering people asking for change."

Businessman Charles Alexander said, "Just vagrants and people driving up and dumping stuff off and you know, just something like this attracts a bad element."

Charles Alexander owns property around the old Northtowne Apartments. He said he made city officials aware of this nuisance property more than once.

Alexander said, "Taxes haven't been paid on it in 5 years. It's off the tax rolls. There's something about tax credits having been given and nothing being done to the property and I hope you can get to the bottom of what that situation was."

I checked the Hinds County Real Property Billing Roll and the last owner listed is Patrick Sewell of Trisomy Success LLC with taxes redeemed in 2009.

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