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Homeowners fed up with Town Creek flooding

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Dark clouds send chills down the spines of some Georgetown community residents.

Each heavy rain brings flooding, turning their yards into rivers.

It's a problem they've complained to the city about for more than a year.

"If we get a hard rain 15 minutes this area is flooded," said Earl Thomas who lives on Idlewild Street near Town Creek.

The mental health technician grew up playing in Town Creek on Rondo Street in Jackson.

Now the joyful childhood memories are replaced by dread as he and neighbors watch the waters rise and worry that they will enter their homes.

The creek is filled with debris. We saw a sofa, a grocery shopping cart and a carpet among other trash.

On April 11th the creek overflowed leaving nearby homes with at least two feet of water in their yards.

"I've been getting letters in the mail that say I need more flood insurance," said Thomas. "I had flood insurance. They told me I need more now, and that's because the area is starting to flood more often than that now".

Roosevelt Harris has on lived on Rondo Street for more than 40 years. The creek is behind his home and he is growing frustrated with the continuous flooding and other problems.

"It's been a lot of snakes around here and see that's the creek right here," said Harris. "It don't take no hard rain to get flooded here. no you got to have boots on when you get around here is you want to get out of here".

Homeowners blame the flooding on debris that blocks the Derrick Street bridge, two streets to the south. That's where they say the flooding originates and covers the yards of all the nearby homes. 

Those living in the area say the city has removed some debris from the creek but the drains remain clogged.

We reached out to the city for comment about their requests for cleaning of drains and the creek.

We were told the request for information would be passed on to the Public Works Department.

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