Millsaps college takes national spotlight - - Jackson, MS

Millsaps college takes national spotlight

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Millsaps in Jackson is receiving national recognition as a standout school.  Forbes has named the private institution the best college in the Magnolia state.

“I already knew when I came here it was the top school in Mississippi, but I guess it is on paper and in the news,” said  student Benton Brown.

Brown is a senior at the liberal arts college. Now knowing that his school made Forbes best colleges list validates his decision to move here from New Orleans.

“Academically, I have reached a level that I never thought I would reach,” added Brown.

Millsaps is a private institution affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The school offers more than 30 majors and a comfortable learning environment to nearly 900 students from across the nation..

“When you are in a classroom, you are being taught by a PhD," said John Sewell, Director of Communication and Marketing. "You have someone at the top of their field not a grad student.The average class size here is around 13 to 15 students,”

Staff and students said a Millsaps degree holds a lot weight nationally and internationally.

“Ninety-five percent of our students are either employed or in graduate school six months after finishing Millsaps,” added Sewell. 

Although it's considered a small college, the accomplishments are far from small.

“Students who are going into business lead great careers now," added Sewell. "We have nearly doubled the acceptance rate into medical school.” 

D.J. Hawkins is freshman and said you are not just a number at the college, you are part of a family. That is what makes the Millsaps one of kind.

“You wouldn't expect a small school from Mississippi to be one of the top schools in the south," said Hawkins. "We are competing with the ivy leagues, but it makes you feel good.” 

You are probably wondering why Forbes picked Millsaps as the best college in the state. There are several factors including low student debt, a high graduation rate, student satisfaction and career success.

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