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Walt's Look Around: Ag Museum Spring Farm Day

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We have a very convenient museum here in Mississippi where you can go ‘down to the farm’ and never leave the city. And of course we’re talking about the Agricultural and Forestry Museum in Jackson.

And although it’s open year round, there are a couple of days in the year when there are lots of things going on.

"Well today we have Spring Farm Days." said Ag. Museum Executive Director Aaron Rodgers. "We have demonstrations in our sawmill, we have antique tractors, we’ve got some demonstrations in the print shop, in the blacksmith’s shop and we have some shape note singers over in the church today."

Rodgers' thumbnail sketch of some of the things happening at Spring Farm Day may or may not be happening during regular hours at the Museum.

There are arts demonstrated at the museum that used to be a part of everyday life, like the blacksmith, hammering out anther creation from heated iron.

And one event you could grow old watching, the slow tractor race. The idea is to see who can idle and gear their tractor slowest without stalling it. Last one across the line wins. Plenty of time to check your emails.

They churned butter; not a lot of noise there, but it sure was good. They printed fliers in the print shop, no keyboard, no computer, no electricity, actually; lots of manpower.

And outside, signs are growing pointing to the autumn, when they have the pumpkin pull after these vines row all summer, and the Fall Farm Day when they run the old cotton gin and other noisy stuff at the Ag Museum in Jackson.

And something else they are working on is rebuilding the animal barn that was lost in that big fire a while back.

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