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Mississippi Republicans shifting support to Trump

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

With Donald Trump as the last Republican standing in the GOP Presidential race, several state party leaders are shifting their support. They say they believe it's important to rally the troops behind Trump, to beat Hillary Clinton in November.

"I've thought a lot," said Former Senate Republican Majority Leader Trent Lott. "I've examined my own thinking because I missed it this year. This has been the weirdest campaign I've ever seen."

Lott said Wednesday that folks shouldn't underestimate the appeal of Trump.

"A lot of the supposedly 'politically incorrect' that he was saying, there were a lot of people around this country who were sitting down their beer or milk and saying, yeah, I like that," added Lott.

Lott thinks it will be important for Trump to change his presentation and tell voters more about exactly what he'll do, if elected president.

"I'm going to support him," Lott said. "I'm going to vote for him."

Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef said he's glad they've eliminated the possibility of a contested national convention.

"An opportunity for people to get on the same page practically and literally," noted Nosef.

Nosef admits it'll take time to get everyone on board with Trump. But says that's only natural when the field dwindles from 17 to one.

"People that are hopeful of a Republican victory have to realize today that elections are about a choice," said Nosef. "It's not about making a candidate be perfect or not. It's about a choice."

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