Clinton police arrest Craigslist truck thief - - Jackson, MS

Clinton police arrest Craigslist truck thief

Source: Clinton Police Department Source: Clinton Police Department
CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A lot of people turn to Craigslist when hunting for an inexpensive car.

However, police warn that there are a lot of scammers trying to sell a car that doesn't belong to them.

Working off a tip, Clinton police initiated an undercover operation to arrest the suspect and recover the stolen vehicle.

Police arrested 36-year-old Mario Terrell Swanagan from Bolton.

They arrested him in connection to the April 23 auto theft of a Ford F-150 at a car wash in south Jackson.

Swanagan was charged with receiving stolen property and possession of marijuana while operating a vehicle.

The vehicle has been returned to its owner.

The Clinton Police Department said that oftentimes these kinds of criminals don't get caught and it is up to the buyers to stay vigilant and use common sense.

"Anyone planning to make a purchase from a private individual, from an ad on the internet, newspaper or other publication should check the vehicle and documents very carefully,” stated Chief Ford Hayman. “Make sure that the title is an original and that the VIN matches the one on the title.”

Police encourage residents to complete Craigslist and other transactions in a well-lit and visible location.

They also encourage people to use their lobby to complete Craigslist transactions on 305 Monroe Street.

By using the police station, residents can immediately have the VIN number of the vehicle purchase run for authenticity.

The presence of officers is also a deterrent to would be scammers.

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