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Student could face charges after driver pushes student off school bus

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EDWARDS, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Edwards police say a Raymond High School student could face charges after she boarded a school bus and lashed out at the driver until the verbal assault became physical.

"New developments suggest that the 18-year-old student entered the bus at a stop," said Edwards Police Chief Torrence Mayfield, because her 13-year-old sister had texted her, saying she had a problem with the bus driver.

The video showed the bus driver shove the two students.

"We've had an opportunity to see the video," added Chief Mayfield. "The video suggests that the students got kind of up close and personal with the bus driver, yelling obscenities, and the bus driver yelling obscenities back. The bus driver put her hands on both of the young ladies, pushing them off the bus."

In the process, Mayfield said, the 18 year old grabbed the driver and pulled her down, too, causing her to lose her balance and tumble out of the bus.

At that point, the Raymond High student appears to hit and kick the driver while she's on the ground.

Mayfield said the bus driver was initially charged with simple assault Thursday evening, but because of new information indicating the 18-year-old student was not supposed to be on the bus in the first place, the department has decided not to follow through with any charges against the driver.

The police investigation revealed the younger sister attends Bolton-Edwards Elementary Middle School.

When we went to the school to ask about the video, indicating that it showed the driver pushing a student, a school official said it didn't happen that way.

Hinds County School District spokesperson John Neal said the video was only a partial clip, implying the incident was taken out of context.

The video, which lasts thirty seconds, shows the students verbally accosting the driver before the violence begins.

"A Hinds County School District school bus operated by Durham School Services requested assistance from local law enforcement due to a disturbance between a bus driver and two students," Neal said in a statement. "The cause of the disturbance is under investigation by Durham School Services, the Hinds County School District and the Edwards Police Department."

Neal also said the incident happened Wednesday afternoon, which Mayfield said was not correct.

Police records indicate the fight took place Tuesday during the afternoon bus shift. 

Still, Mayfield thinks the driver should have done a better job of maintaining her composure.

"Dealing with children, adolescents, you have to have a little bit more restraint, a little bit more resolve. You know what you signed up for when you took the job, so you have to know that those situations occur," said Mayfield.

Mayfield added that, to his knowledge, the driver is no longer employed by the district.

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