Violent school days have Jackson parents looking for answers - - Jackson, MS

Violent school days have Jackson parents looking for answers

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Over the last week, there have been at least three fights on school property in Hinds County. The most recent one sent a Jackson high school student to the hospital.

"You never know what could happen nowadays. People are just losing their minds," said Ortegas Kirk.

Kirk's two grandchildren attend Jackson Public Schools. To him, the fights on school property that took place this week, shows parents aren't doing their jobs at home.

"There's a difference between discipline and abuse." said Kirk. "But nowadays, people don't want you to touch -- 'Don't touch my child.' Okay. We'll, train your child. Train them to do what's right. Just don't let 'em run wild and everything." Kirk said.

On Tuesday afternoon, a fight at Forest Hill High School led to a parent drawing a handgun on school property.

Around the same time in Edwards, a bus driver and two students got into a scuffle on a Hinds County School District bus.

Then on Friday, another fight broke out at Jim Hill High School.

Law enforcement tells us paramedics transported a female student to the hospital with minor injuries.

"I think the kids probably have problems at home, and they come to school and take it out on other kids," said grandparent Marie Hayes.

Kirk said it goes beyond that.

"Kids don't have any respect anymore," said Kirk. "They don't have respect for each other. They don't have respect for nobody else, and that's a big problem." 

Hayes doesn't know what can be done to stop it.

"You worry about them, because you never know what's going to ignite something. You just have to pray," said Hayes.

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