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Jackson Zoo helps moms celebrate Mothers Day

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Some Moms spent their special day in the wild, not on a far away continent but right here in the capital city but beneath the canopy of trees at the Jackson Zoo.

It's a favorite get away for many on Mother's Day with people traveling hours to spend the day with family and nature.  

"It's something I grew up doing, and I just wanted to keep the tradition kinda going on," said Florence resident Christi Williams.

She comes to the zoo each Mother's Day. In tow are her daughter Ashley Turner and two grandchildren in strollers.

"Bringing them to the zoo, she loves the animals so. She's two. She had a blast this time getting to see all the animals," added Williams.

"We enjoy coming to the zoo especially on mother's day and summer, during Ice Cream Safari and all that fun stuff," said Williams's daughter Ashley Turner of Pearl.

It's a time Moms can relive their youth and pass on the love of nature to their kids.

These families are meeting their counter parts in the animal kingdom. Millicent, the cygnet, has two baby black neck swans born in later winter.

"Come out spend quality time with the family. Even if you're on your cell phone, those pictures are great. Selfies with the whole family and you can just #jacksonzoo and keep them with you forever, those memories," said Jackson Zoo Media Director EJ Rivers.

They were strolling past pygmy hippos heading inside after an afternoon of sunbathing or catching the chimpanzees at play.

"It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with my son and for me and Ethan and Daddy to get out and see the animals and just enjoy on a nice day and enjoy the wild ," said Shelia Gilmore Ratliff, mom to seven year old Ethan.

"My favorite was seeing the Rhino," Ethan said enthusiastically.

"We walked around saw all the animals, they played in the water, sat down, ate and just had fun," said Angela Ward of Greenwood who drove down with her mother Dorothy Denham and her children.

"I have grandchildren and we thought they would enjoy it and me and my daughter enjoyed it and our friend too," said Denham of Water Valley.

"You get to see creatures from all over the world. You get to experience different types of personalities with both the creatures around you and the people in the zoo," said Rivers.

Between 1,500-1,800 people visited the Jackson Zoo on Mother's Day.

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