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Jackson City Council wanting financial questions answered

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jackson City Council members want answers from the administration about the current financial condition of the city. Council members said the current fund balance is critical to know before any new decisions can be made.

Monday the city called a special meeting to discuss the city's revenues and upcoming improvement projects so the city is clear of problem areas, but it was questions about the city's financial situation that got all the attention.

The council and administration were at a gridlock. The council adjourned the meeting minutes after it started because financial questions were not being answered.

"We had been aware in recent days that we have a terrible budget deficiency," said Margaret Barrett-Simon. "We wanted to get to the bottom of that before we approved any more contracts to know exactly where we are financially. As you saw this morning, we couldn't get anyone here to answer our questions."

Mayor Tony Yarber initially requested the infrastructure improvement meeting where upcoming projects regarding the city were to be discussed. That information was not talked about because council member Margaret Barrett-Simon said the council had questions about the city's financial state. She said new contracts mean more money out of budgets they don't know the balance to.

"We just want to get the facts and find out exactly where we are financially," added Barrett-Simon. "We've asked this question many times and we have not gotten the answers. Today, I think it indicates the council is very concerned."

Marshand Crisler said,

"I think what the people of Jackson want to know about right now is getting these roads fixed and what we can do to expedite that process." said Marshand Crisler. "It appears what we are running in to is a miscommunication between the executive branch and the legislative branch. Then two, it may be some political gaming going on."

"It's something that needs to be answered," said Barrett Simon. "I don't think this council will sit back and let this happen. We do have subpena powers and I hope we are not forced to use them, but if we are forced to use them we will."

Mayor Tony Yarber was not at the meeting due to a conflict. He was at a meeting regarding flood control scheduled before this meeting.
He did release a statement saying the administration will provide the requested budget information to the council.

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