FIDO's FOOD: What are you feeding your four-legged friend? - - Jackson, MS

FIDO's FOOD: What are you feeding your four-legged friend?

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A large part of pet health is determined by what you feed them. But is your dog food loaded with fillers instead of nutrition? 

How do people know which brand is best? 

Dr. Adrian Whittington, of North State Animal and Bird Hospital, said "There are people with very strong convictions about dog food." 

He said he hears it daily from clients.

Dr. Whittington said there are actually pet food snobs who think the more expensive, the better the food.  

"Spending more doesn't guarantee more."

So let's whittle it down - Dr. Whittington says that older dogs don't need high protein content.

"Past 10 years of age particularly, the protein content of the diet can cause real problems. It's bad for kidneys." 

When it comes to allergies, experts say you need to be particular about what to feed your dog.

Dr. Whittington's advice is to stay away from corn, beef, chicken, wheat and dairy products.

There's another issue pet owners face when it comes to feeding Fido - the "chow hound" syndrome. 

"The biggest thing we need to do...we need to measure the amount of food those dogs and cats are getting," said Dr. Whittington.

We also asked him what he thought the best dog food in the world is. His answer? 

"There is no such thing. Absolutely not."

Dr. Whittington says consider the dog's stage of life and check the label and ingredients. 

By law, pet food labels must list their ingredients by weight. Check the ingredients label first.

Look for meat, fish, egg as the first or second ingredient. Those contain the highest digestible and usable nutrients. 

Also, Dr. Whittington says don't bother mixing your own dog food concoction, or feeding table scraps, much less raw food.

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