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Safety reminders when driving with children

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Officials with the safety website say two year-old Caroline Bryant is the sixth child to die in a hot vehicle this year. 

Lisa Garforth, a community educator and paramedic with the Madison Fire Department says there are several things you can do to remind yourself that a little one is riding with you.

First, consider tying a ribbon to your steering wheel. Second, place something valuable, like your cell phone, wallet, or purse, in the backseat near the child.

One other consideration is driving without your left shoe and placing it in the back of the car.

"If you're driving the left foot is going to come out and it is going to hit the pavement. It's going to hit the ground and you're going to realize that you're missing something. The shoe needs to be in the back seat with the child on the floorboard with the child," says Garforth.

Garforth says call 911 if you see a child alone in a vehicle. 

Additional safety tips can be found here.

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