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Making A Difference: Treecyclers helping schools

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HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Here is a way we can all help our schools. It involves tress, computers and product codes, and a couple of minutes of time.

The background for all of this, a lot of 16th section land which benefits public schools is planted in trees which are harvested and the money given to the school district where the trees are located.

Well, an outfit named treecycler is sort of like the S&H Green Stamps of reforestation. Somehow I thought that analogy would simplify things. But now I may have to explain what Green Stamps are.

Anyway, watch for this logo on things you buy, go to the treecycler web page, enter the code and then you have a choice of projects to which you can have a tree contributed in your name.

Well, through the Mississippi Forestry Commission, public schools in Mississippi is one of those projects. And the Mississippi Forestry Commission forest management program helps schools tremendously.

“On average we generate off of timber sales, we generate over 20 million dollars a year for the school kids in this state,” said Assistant State Forester Russell Bozeman.

A part of that money is put into escrow to purchase seedlings to reforest an area after it has been harvested. But if we check what we buy for the treecycler logo and enter it and designate the Mississippi Schools project, a tree will be donated and not HAVE to be bought. It will save someone some money. How much money?

“This year it was around 16 thousand dollars which may sound like a small amount of money but it goes toward helping school boards that may have limited funding available to plant trees,” said Richard McInnis, Forest Management Chief for the Mississippi Forestry Commission.

Coastal counties were hit hard by Hurricane Katrina for example. Therefore replanting escrows there have been almost nil. And even ten years later there is still that problem.

Well, here’s one solution to reforestation all over the state and we can all help by checking for the treecycler icon on things we buy, entering the code and Making A Difference for Mississippi forests and schools.

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