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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Restaurant employee shaves his head in kitchen

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A popular Hibachi restaurant in Clinton is in hot water with many customers. This, after a picture of a worker went viral. Imagine sitting in a restaurant and you see an employee shaving his head in the kitchen!

“What is this man doing? Doing his hair?” asked a Clinton Resident.

That was just one of several comments when we asked Clinton residents about the picture. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. It's an employee shaving his head in the kitchen near the front counter of Hibachi Express.

“Man that man got to be crazy. That's unbelievable," said another Clinton Resident.

A customer saw the man, snapped the pic and then posted it on Facebook. It went viral.

One woman had just purchased food when we showed her the photo.

“This is just absolutely nasty. Okay, I am sick,” said the customer.

Another frequent customer said she was disgusted and decided to eat somewhere else after viewing the photo.

“Nasty and gross," said the customer. "When you come here, you think you are going to get good food and someone is cutting their hair. I am going to leave.” 

We questioned the restaurant employees about  the Hibachi head shaving employee. They admitted the unsanitary act actually happened.

“When I saw the photo it is kind of crazy," said employee C.J. Ariate. "We just spoke to the owner about it. We take actions already, so the employee is no longer working in Hibachi Express.” 

The restaurant hopes this incident doesn't leave a bad taste in people's mouth because it is a clean place to eat.

“One-hundred percent that is not going to happen again," added Ariate. "We always wash our hands all the time and we always wear gloves. We make sure you guys are satisfied, just please forgive us.” 

We found out that Hibachi Express got a "B" rating in its most recent inspection.

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