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New gym floor will be installed at Jackson Prep

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Repairs are underway after Jackson Prep made national news when the roof collapsed sending a surge of water through the gymnasium back in April.

Jackson Preparatory Head of School, Dr. Jason Walton said repairs continue to be made.

Surveillance video of more than 18 thousand gallons of water falling through the roof of the gym at Jackson Prep caught attention across the nation. Now, busted glass is picked up, the floor is stripped and renovations are well underway.

Dr. Jason Walton said, "We've been able to put new structural steel in place, new roof decking, we are weather tight again and interior renovations are commencing."

The damage was caused after a pinhole leak turned into the roof caving in as showers moved through back in April. Head of School, Dr. Jason Walton, said within minutes three inches of water sat on top of the hardwood floor.

Dr. Walton said, "The cleanup effort right now, I think the running total is 90 thousand dollars. So, we are going to begin putting in a new gym floor and hope to have it in place by July. I was shocked by the price tag and the meter is still running on all the cleanup and renovations. We are excited to have a re-freshen framed new basketball space and we look forward to showing it off soon."

Hundreds of standout athletes have played on the court that dates back to the 1970's and Dr. Walton said champions will now be able to take home a piece of history.

Dr. Walton said, "People are interested in knowing what we are going to do with the gym floor. We are actually going to make some mementos out of it. For teams that hung championship banners in the past and come back and are recognized we will be able to present teams like that with a piece of the gym floor that they actually won a championship on. So, we are really excited about that."

The project should be completed by July.

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