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Community partnerships, accountability credited with Mississippi's education improvements

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

As the school year wraps up, we're looking at how Mississippi education is graded. 

Community partnerships are credited for filling in the gaps as schools are loaded down with more demands.

It's more than just the ABC's and 123's that are judged when we talk about grading the success of education in Mississippi. And if you look at the 2015-2016 school year, there have been some positives.

Kelly Dixon volunteered for a program called book buddies with her church, Broadmoor Baptist.

"Read to a child for 30 minutes once a week during the school year," explained Dixon.

There were 24 church members who read with children who needed some extra attention prior to the third-grade reading test. All of those involved in Book Buddies passed the test. Statewide, more kids passed the third grade reading gate test this year compared to last year.

"I really got to see her confidence over these months that we were reading together improve," noted Dixon. "And again to be able to encourage her and say you can do this. A child can never have too much encouragement."

Superintendents will tell you that accountability is key. That applies to every grade.

"Just really someone takes an interest in them and pushes them to their best," said Pearl Superintendent Ray Morgigno.

Mississippi has another thing to brag about. Graduation rates have increased.

"We have somebody winning in classrooms around the state every day," noted Madison County Superintendent Ronnie McGehee. "Thirty-two-thousand-101 certified teachers everyday come to work looking for a miracle of success."

Meanwhile, folks like Kelly Dixon say they look forward to watching the continued success of students as they rise to the occasion of what they're being asked to do.

"You're always there," added Dixon. "You're always pulling for them. You're somebody else in their corner helping them building confidence."

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