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Spice town hall meeting

Hinds Behavioral Health Services is hosting a town hall meeting Tuesday night about the potentially deadly impacts of spice.

Hundreds of people have been admitted to emergency rooms since spice became well-known in 2015.
The Drug Enforcement Administration has made many of the active chemicals in spice illegal, but those who make the drug try to avoid the law by altering the chemicals.

Spice is often made with different substances, so someone who takes it never really knows what is going into their body.

"A lot of children and young adults end up being in the hospital, losing their minds, not really understanding where they are and what they're doing so it is very dangerous," says Chan Willis, the Coordinator of Alcohol and Drug Services with Hinds Behavioral Health Services. 

The address to Hinds Behavioral Health Services is 3450 Highway 80 West in Jackson.

The town hall begins at 6:00 P.M.

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