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Madison child hospitalized after attack from Pearl K9

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MADISON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Madison child is recovering from injuries after being attacked by a highly trained K-9 dog. 

The Pearl Police drug dog responsible for major drug busts, is now in quarantine at an unknown location. 

Splinter is a highly trained drug dog that has been on the Pearl Police force since October. He is trained to attack on command.

This dog is responsible for major narcotics busts with over 100 pounds of illegal drugs seized.

The K-9 lives with his handler, veteran lawman Chris Picou, and his family in Gluckstadt. Picou is a narcotics detective for Pearl Police.
According to the Pearl Police Department, on Sunday Splinter was let out of his enclosed kennel to exercise and within minutes chewed his way out of a 6 foot tall wooden fence surrounding the backyard.

Pearl Police Captain Brian McGairty said that the dog's track record indicates this is the first bite ever. He said this is not what we call a "street bite" or an "in the line" of duty bite."

The 5-year-old child was riding his bike just down from the officer's home in Gluckstadt when he was attacked by the 3-year-old Belgian Melinois. 

According to McGairty, the little boy remains hospitalized after surgery.   

"I think he perceived a bike going down the street with a child on it as an instrument of play. Had this been an attack, had this been provoked, had this been a "sic'em", this would have been a lot worse than where we are. Not to downplay the child's injuries."  

When Detective Picou noticed the dog escaped, he immediately went searching for Splinter.

"'The handler went inside the house for just a few minutes. Upon his return, the fence had been broken," said McGairty. 

The 6-foot tall privacy wood fence was broken and the dog had escaped from the backyard. The officer immediately got into his police car that has the kennel in it and went to go look for the dog.

He found Splinter just a few houses down, according to McGairty.

The family's attorney said a neighbor who was out walking his dog Sunday morning, saw the attack, then rushed to the child's rescue by throwing a spare tire at the dog to get it off the child. The little boy suffered multiple bites on his legs.

When Detective Picou was informed about the child being bitten, he went to the family's home and saw the child.  

According to McGairty the child was watching television and his legs were covered with a blanket. He added, the child did not appear in pain and was not visibly upset.

The family attorney says the child was in shock. An investigation was launched immediately.

"I think it's an isolated event, but needless to say we are responsible," said McGairty. "It's not something we are running from. Our heart goes out to the family." 

Detective Picou, a veteran lawmen and narcotics detective, will not be disciplined. 

Captain McGairty said his department will re-evaluate security enclosures for their K-9 drug dogs. 

Splinter may be returned to his trainers in Louisiana for evaluation after 10 days in quarantine.

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