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Rare Black Bears are on the move

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Some folks in the Edwards believe a rare black bare has been sniffing around their home. Mississippi Wildlife experts tell us, yes that's possible since the small bears are shaking off winter doldrums. 

Black bears typically lived in forested areas, they eat berries and fruit,even grass. There are only about 150 of these endangered bears in Mississippi. We received two photos, possible evidence that a bear was hanging around a home in Edwards.

Richard Rummel, a black bear biologist with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, says the omnivores may be seeking out food left around the house.

"We call them a big raccoon," said Rummel. "They are looking for a garbage can, bird feeders pet food that's left on the back porch over night; livestock feed that maybe the cans not secured."

The Wildlife experts are trying to confirm the sighting of a black bear in the Edwards community. But photo's just aren't enough evidence.

"We don't know there is a large population through there. but anywhere along the Big Black river large river drainage, where there are wooded areas, it won't be common. But the photographs I saw, it can't be determined,."said Rummel Friday.
So there is more work to do.

Bear populations are making a comeback. The state is tracking these non aggressive creatures to learn more about the rare species.

Here's what to do if you happen to come in contact with a black bear; make noise, they will run away. Don't try to approach it.  And the bottom line is, don't kill a black bear; it's a crime. with a stiff penalty.  A $5 thousand dollar fine and one year in jail.

In a related incident, a  bee keeper in Pike County believes a Black Bear destroyed some of his bee hives Monday. 

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