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Jackson Police continuing to build community relationships

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jackson residents are working together with the Jackson Police Department building a stronger community.

Leroy Bouldin said, "It has gotten much better. Now when the police come they do take the time out. They don't just do what they have to do and run."

Community oriented policing continues to be a goal for the Jackson Police Department. Longtime business owner, Leroy Bouldin, said he is seeing the impact beat officers are having on the community.

Bouldin said, "I think it's good for the simple reason if the community gets to know the policemen I think their jobs will be better. I also think people would more or less behave better."

Chief Lee Vance said residents are recognizing the efforts of beat officers when it comes to visibility and professionalism.

Chief Lee Vance said, "In order to be successful we believe the police department must be seen in the community doing other things besides enforcement. That's how you really grow together with the community and get support from the community."

Most recently, Jackson Police named Officer Danny Hicks officer of the year for his dedication and hard work. JPD also recognized an officer in each precinct who went above and beyond the ordinary call of service. From building relationships with residents on a personal level, to lending helping hands to those in need, Chief Vance said the attention to detail allows people to have pride in the Jackson Police Department.

Bouldin added, "I think it's good."


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